Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pine Island Sunset 2

This is another shot from the night I took photos of the sunset off Pine Island in West Florida (see first posting dated 11/28/09).  For Christmas I had this one printed on canvas and gave it to my Mom as a gift.  She was the one with me that night and while I was farther down the road taking other photos she pointed out how the color was changing in the sky, I ran down to her and took this pic...so I thought it was only fitting that she have that moment for herself.  Thanks Mom!  You're the best!

If you're interested in getting photos on canvas give http://www.canvasondemand.com/ a try.  It was super simple!  I downloaded my photo directly on their site, picked out my size canvas, how I wanted the edges printed, finish, etc and had it shipped within days...and the printing was good quality.  I'm definately going to use them again :o)


  1. Hi Dot,
    Glad that my Size Matters post helped you resize your photos on your blog. These look wonderful.
    Best regards,

  2. I can see why she liked the scene. It is awesome. You seem to take the most beautiful pics and thats why I always like coming back.

  3. Hi Dot
    You have to scroll slightly to the right to see the end of your sidebar, but it doesn't effect your post's photo. Hope it helps.

  4. Such a beautiful sight, sunset over the water.


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