Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Really Need a Vacation :o)

When all I'm taking is photos of the sunset from my building because at work so much ...I know it's time for a vacation.  I love the sunsets from my building...but even I'm getting tired of seeing the same scene over and over.  Although I really did like how the blue came through in those high clouds. Hope to post something new and exciting soon :o)

Heading out of town for a girls weekend...woohoo!


  1. Your view sure is beautiful from your building though, but I can understand what you mean. Have fun on vacation when you go & bring back lots of pictures for us

  2. It is a stunning view, but there is nothing like a holiday. When I go on holiday, away for the weekend or just out for the day on a Sunday, I try and take as many pictures as possible to keep my blogs going so that I don't feel like I'm posting a lot of one thing all the time. So when the pictures start running out I know its time for another trip.

  3. I'm always ready for a vacation, especially immediately after I've just completed one :-) Beautiful photo of a beautiful view.


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