Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birds on a Wire

Here's something different!  I took the picture of the birds some time ago...but I just wasn't feeling it to actually post it.  So last night I was looking through my photo cards for something new to post and found this.  I decided to play with the contrast, etc to see if I could bring something special to it...then played with the color and tada...I think it's kind of creepy but interesting too.'s NOT the it's got that going for it :o)  Hey...Skywatch Friday coming up...hmmmm...will we see the Biltmore again? Let's see...


  1. Just laughed about your Biltmore comment at the end there.

    Great picture. The colour does ad a lot of extra atmosphere to the pic. Its like they are waiting to ... attack.... Whoha ahahahaha... *scary laugh*

  2. Very creative, I like it a lot!


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