Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Just Not Coming Together

Sometimes when I'm taking photos I have days when things just come together: composition, color, lighting, focus, subject matter and I come away with at least one photo that captures all the elements important to me. Other this day...I capture a piece here and another there, but not enough are in the same shot to really make me love the photo.
This one I love the placement, the colors, the different textures in the grasses and although the focus isn't clear on anything I kind of like it...almost gives me a sense of the breeze. BUT I didn't catch the beacon on the lighthouse properly. So when I look at this one...I'm pleased with most of it, but that half light bothers me...
In this one, I actually like the grasses more than the first...they're more distinct and you get more of the green (I love green!). I got the light and the composition pleases me...BUT the lighthouse itself is too out of focus for my taste...this one bugs me too.

Then this one is just lacking something...focus is ok, the light was dead center...but it's plain...blah, blah, blah.

Oh well...tomorrow is another day! I will say this was the first time I had ever noticed the lighthouse being lit. Can't say it never was before, but if so, I'd never noticed good photos or not that was kind of cool :0)


  1. I see what you mean, but I, personally, really like the 1st shot - the lighting & the grasses, like you said, give a sense of the breeze.

  2. I love the second shot...I agree with you...the grass is lovely!

    I can relate to what you were saying, sometimes I have really great captures and then other times my photos are just "ok!" But I love taking pictures, so I'm going to keep on trying and learning. Debra


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