Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ft Myers Sunrise

Haven't posted in ages but I have been taking pictures here and there during my down time. Spent last weekend in Ft Myers. We headed over to the Sanibel lighthouse to watch the sun come up on Friday morning...I took alot of pics that I'll post over time. I really liked this one. Love the contrast between the land and sky...and that one lone star hanging in the sky. It was a great morning.


  1. Welcome back Dot.
    The light on the horizon is just perfect during those last couple of minutes before the sun shows itself.

  2. Hi Dot, nice to see you posting again.
    That must have been a memorable beach walk. Love the one star.

  3. Wife and I were in Fort Myers Beach last week. We went over to Sanibel traffic was stopped by Doc Fords restaurant at midday to let an alligator cross the road


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