Saturday, November 7, 2009

Over the Florida Sky

These were taken from the plane a couple months ago while we were flying back to Miami from New York. I found it interesting how the clouds formed over the land and it was so clear over the ocean (top photo). Then as we got closer to South Florida we were actually able to see boats traveling on the ocean...the streak in the center is the wake they left behind. Dig the shadow of the clouds on the waters :o) the Skywatch's another set of pics of the sky from above it...enjoy :o)

Go and check out more Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site!


  1. Hi Dot, nice to see the sky from way up there for a change. The atmosphere really was very clear that day.

  2. I love taking shots when flying! Great shots!

  3. The cloud collection over the land is so striking. It would explain cloud formation better than pages in a text book.

  4. Fun to look down on clouds for a change!


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