Monday, June 8, 2009

Waitin' on Dinner

Took a trip across Alligator Alley again this weekend. Apparently it was a bad couple of days for the wild animals in the Everglades because we saw more road kill than normal and the vulchers were everywhere. These were hanging out right at the end of the exit to a rest stop...I felt like I was in a Hitchcock film...creepy...and they weren't the slightest bit intimidated when we close we got to them...yuck!


  1. Excellent shot, those clouds and the silhouette are tremendous, well done.

    Have a fantastic week
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Beautiful picture. I don't think it would have been the same if it wasn't a silhouette pic.

  3. Very cool. The naked branches and lack of foreground light make the image very eerie, almost mystical.

  4. Yuck is right but never the less you got a great shot with a silhouette.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You will enjoy the beauty of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens if you ever get a chance to visit.


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