Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gator Chase


Stopped one day at the rest stop around mile marker 35 on Alligator Alley to get photos of the sky...looking down into the canal we spotted an alligator and then I started the video :0)


  1. I have seen crocodiles in captivity many times before and obviously on tv, but never in the wild in real life. Must be great. Not really the place to go for a swim though.

  2. Very cool. I never saw one of those when I lived in Louisiana but I knew they were out there in the bogs and bijou. Good thing you didn't swim first then look!

  3. Hi Dot, your video of the alligators is terrific! I could even hear the birds singing in the background.
    We have traveled that route many times and have seen alligators at this spot too.
    Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day... Pam

  4. I guess Alligator Alley is named appropriately! Great vid.

  5. Miss those gators! We lived in FL for 10 years - Naples. Nice to find your blog. My husband would always see the gators while driving - I seemed to miss all but the obvious ones! Nice capture of them!

  6. That was pretty cool! I've only seen alligators in a zoo and that's okay with me. It took me a minute to realize it was them moving, not just the water.


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