Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cardinal Surprise

Today while in Naples, I was standing in a parking lot and spotted 2 cardinals...I was so surprised! I haven't seen a cardinal since I left Iowa...they're so beautiful. I grabbed my camera and because I was in a hurry to catch them and the light was so bright...I really didn't think I'd get them...but here they are!


  1. Here in South Africa we have a type of weaver bird called a Red Bishop. I have heard that British tourists call them cardinals, but your cardinals look totally different from these. Different bird, same name?

  2. Congratulations Dot! We have plenty here in PA and they sing beautifully. I'm still trying to get photos of them at my feeder, but they have not been cooperative. I fondly remember as a child being woken up every summer day by a singing male.

    Firefly, the Red Bishop and Red Cardinal are quite different birds.



  3. They're such beautiful birds. I have never seen one, don't even know if they live in my area. What a great find. :-)


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