Friday, November 11, 2011

Show Off Seagull - Skywatch Friday

Today was Veteran's Day...a day to celebrate and appreciate those that have fought for our country and have thankfully returned. After lunch with my best friend and her husband, I spent the day on Key Biscayne...walking the bridge and playing with my new camera.  I need to go to a class to be able to use the features besides "auto"...but I still got some interesting photos today.  There were A LOT of seagulls around today...a lot of people fishing so they were hanging around for a little snack.  Between our recent trip and today...I finally have some new stuff to post :o)  Be well everyone...and to see sky photos from around the on "Skywatch" in the title of this post to visit Skywatch Friday.


  1. Great capture with the lit up clouds and seagull.

  2. Cool clouds!

    Jan Halvard, Norway
    Welcome to visit ¡Buenos dias Bolivia!,
    my blog since I was volunteering in Bolivia....

  3. A stunning photo specially with the sun just out of shot.


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