Monday, February 8, 2010

Sinking Sun

This is another sunset from my building.  You can't see it, but the Biltmore is lurking...but I zoomed in right past it.  I was really pleased with how the sun was captured without any glare on the lens...almost like I had a filter on...but not.  Just lucky :o)


  1. Excellent capture! I like the highlights in the clouds.

  2. Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot. That is one stunning shot. Really stunning.

    Regarding nicknames on my blog. I have decided not to use my family's real names in blog posts. No real reason really. The nicknames are not even their real nicknames, just their blognames. My wife is the Damselfly (to fo with Firefly). My son is Chaos Boy. He is one busy little boy. He has ADHD so he can be a bit distructive and get out of hand when he wants to. My daughter is Drama Princess cause she is to young to be a fully blown drama queen. She knows just how to get what she wants to. As for the other girl on the photo. He real name is Jade, so that is why I called her Gem Girl.


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