Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Heron and Friend

While recently taking photos of the sunset over Sanibel Island, my Mom called out to me and when I turned I saw hug wings beating their way past me and all of a sudden the bird landed and this graceful, beautiful heron appeared.  I'd actually never seen one of them fly before...their wingspans look huge! Anyway, he hung out to watch the sunset too with a little friend.  It was nice to have the company!


  1. I've always though of the heron's as 'odd-ducks', no pun intended. They're interesting to watch while the feed and they are very graceful, for some reason, they strike me as odd. Maybe it's the long neck.

  2. Herons look so awkward when they fly with their curved neck and long beak. A bit like "Walk like an Egyption" style. You know what I mean. don't you?


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