Monday, March 12, 2012

Egret Warning

I followed this Great Egret all over the place and took many shots of him...but this one is totally my favorite.  He hung out on this piling for the longest if he was just dying for me to get him and his message.  Before we headed to the fishing spot this day, I bought a guide to Florida's Gulf Coast Birds at the bait shop...thank God I did or I would have had no idea what he was. shares that during mating season this wading bird displays long lacy plumes on it's back...that was one of the things that most drew my attention when I first saw him was those beautiful strands feathering off it's back.


  1. I'm also not the biggest bird fundi and always keep my bird book handy as well.

  2. Where are you Dot? You haven't posted in nearly a year.


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