Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Sunset

Hi there to anyone still checking in on my site :o)  I've been away so long I hesitate to post because I know it'll be difficult to post I just took the "daily" out of the title and posted anyway. 

This one was taken from the building I work in...of course.  But what a surprise!  It was so dark and the sky so varied that I got a lot of items out of focus or the exposure was too much or too little.  But like the little bear said...this one was just right :o)

I love the blue captured in the sky and cast on the  Hope you enjoy it and I hope to be posting again soon!


  1. Nice range of colors and I love the texture of the clouds.

  2. Hi Dot. Glad you are back and seemingly ok. When somebody suddenly disappears like this you tend to worry a bit about them.

    You really have an awesome view from your window.

  3. Ooooo, wow this is gorgeous! What beautiful colors!!!


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