Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday at the Marlins Game

Back from vacation and getting back into my routine :o) Last Sunday I went to a Florida Marlins baseball game with some friends. It was 93 degrees out (the drawback of a day game) and we sat in the blazing sun for 3 hours (the drawback of awesome seats)...thank God for sunscreen and frozen lemonades or I might not have made it. The sky was teasing looked like rain but all we got was a 2 minute sun shower. But they won 5 to 0...and I got away without a's a beautiful thing :o)

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  1. Baseball is something we see in American movies and not the most popular sport here in South Africa. We use to play a bit of it during breaks at school, but otherwise its very much an unknown.

  2. You're right daytime baseball games and this Florida heat can do a number on you. Made it worthwhile since they won!

  3. Cool that they won !!!

    And you got a very nice sky shot into the bargain. Love those clouds !!!


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