Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thunderstorm Rolling In

The rainy season has begun! An average day starts out with alot of sun...the earth warms and mixes with the humidity and develops into huge threatening afternoon thunderstorms...totally love this time of year! So this afternoon, sitting at work and I step over to the windows and spot this huge black cloud blanketing the sky. I grabbed my camera and got this first one from the 7th floor balcony.
Then headed to the 15th floor terrace, which also faces east, but it had already started pouring and blowing so I couldn't get far out the door without getting drenched :o(
So I headed to the other little terrace that faces west and the rain was so heavy that it completely blotted out the can just barely make out the Biltmore Hotel which is a Coral Gables landmark.


  1. Wow, what an awesome storm rolling in in your first pic. And when they come in like that you are sure to know that the sky will open up soon.

  2. It rolls in with such a lovely way.


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